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A Must Have for Every Athlete and Bodybuilder. For decades BCAA's have been renowned for their ability to help promote muscle growth, power, and endurance while decreasing fatigue perception and speeding recovery...ie, they can help turn you into a bad-ass on the field or in the gym!

And now, Power Chews is proud to offer athletes one of the most widely researched sports supplements today in an addictively delicious, sugar-free chewable.

"If You're Satisfied with Slow Progress, Then Stop Reading This Right Now."

If you're the type of athlete that's after as much muscle, power, and endurance as you can get your hands on, then what you're about to read may change your training forever.

The branch chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine) are so named because of their molecular configuration...but trust me, I won't bore you with the chemistry. What's important to know is this. These amino acids are essential to your body, as your body cannot make them on its own. And for contributing to nearly 35% of the essential aminos in muscle proteins, BCAA's are of critical importance to athletes and bodybuilders.

Listen, BCAAs play a big role in promoting a positive nitrogen balance inside muscles, which helps promote new muscle growth and recovery while discouraging muscle breakdown. Plus, these coveted amino acids are reported to greatly help improve endurance and decrease fatigue perception.

And that's the big key right there. Endurance and fatigue perception.

You see, BCAA's are metabolized not in the liver...like every other amino acid...but rather right inside your muscles. Therefore, supplementation with BCAAs may provide your muscles with massive amounts of energy...and what I'm about to tell you next can really suck.

Your body will rip apart your muscle tissue to produce more energy. Thankfully, supplementation with BCAA's may help prevent that. And, that's probably why athletes on a low carbohydrate diet report higher energy levels with BCAA use.

Do you see why athletes love BCAA's? Well, the "cool factor" for BCAAs' is just getting warmed up. Both tryptophan (the amino acid found heavily concentrated in turkey and responsible for making you feel sleepy) and BCAA's are believed to compete for the same transport protein into the brain. And because your muscles love to chew through BCAA's during exercise, it's believed that eventually tryptophan becomes more plentiful during exercise. And when more tryptophan is reaching the brain, you suddenly feel more tired. Thus supplementing with BCAA's may greatly reduce your fatigue perception.

For their ability to help support harder and longer training sessions, in addition to supporting greater gains in muscle and power, BCAA's have become a MUST HAVE for millions of dominant athletes and bodybuilders all over the globe.

So why chewable BCAAs?

If you're a BCAA vet, then you know that to get a significant dose of BCAAs you either have to down 14 capsules all at once, or you have to attempt the impossible...that is, get those suckers to mix up. And, powdered BCAAs are notorious for mixing terribly. Half your BCAAs stick to the inside of your bottle, the other half coats your upper lip for that oh so sexy BCAA mustache.

Wash cloth anyone?
So why chewables? Because in all my years of using BCAA's...and yes, I've gagged down scores of pills and rocked the sexy amino-stache without even knowing it...

Power Chews BCAAs are the easiest, most hassle free way to get an ultra-concentrated dose of these powerhouse aminos without rockin' the stache.


So what about the taste?

Look, just because you're a serious athlete doesn't mean that "serious results" and "choke it down" need to go hand-in-hand. But then again, most chewables are notorious for tasting like your father's antacid, so what gives?

Well, we'd be lying if we told you Power Chews Creatine tastes "good." Scouts honor, it doesn't. No way.

In fact, every bottle is loaded with 4 addictively delicious, sweet-tooth-satisfying, blow-your-mind flavors that taste out-of-this-world AMAZING!

Flavors such as heavenly Hawaiin punch, tantalizing lime, mouth-watering watermelon, and sunny orange papaya!

No matter what your age, chewables are emphatically fun, and way easier for athletes on the go. With zero sugars and a full clinical dose of creatine packed inside, Power Chews Creatine will deliver all the guilt-free, sweet-tooth satisfaction you crave, and a whole lot of muscular horsepower too.